Date: April 13th 2011

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Notes from a nearly furloughed federal employee

Because I work for the federal government, I was almost furloughed Friday. Like most of us employed in the Borg hive, I was hoping the furlough would happen, doggone it. Who doesn’t want a few days off, especially when they’re paid days off?

Those TV sob stories last week about the hardships we would endure if we stopped getting paychecks were all nonsense – in every previous furlough, federal employees were paid retroactively for the time they didn’t work.

I think that’s called paid vacation out there in the real world, right?

This would have been “bonus” paid vacation not charged against our regular accumulated vacation hours… and trust me, some of us have beaucoup vacation hours stored up. Federal employees are like squirrels when it comes to storing hours...

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