Date: March 14th 2011

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My NCAA challenge for President Obama

One thing you can count on with President Obama: nothing gets in the way of a good time. With Libya burning, Somali pirates running amok, Japanese dying from tsunamis and nuclear meltdowns, the federal budget now six months late, and Americans wondering if food and energy prices will ever stop rising, nothing could stop our fearless leader from playing another round of golf Saturday afternoon. (Thatís round 61 Ė that we know about Ė since he became president. At approximately five hours per round, thatís 305 hours, or nearly 8 work weeks spent on the golf course.)

After the golf game he attended the annual Gridiron Dinner where journalists and politicians trade jokes. That capped off a good week which started with another round of golf (round 60), and included a White House party on Wednesday to watch the Chicago Bulls game on television followed by a Friday gathering to honor the World Champion Chicago Blackhawks. The week before there was a giant Motown bash at the White House.

Who says itís tough being President of the United States? On the contrary, itís fun....

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