Date: February 26th 2011

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The tortoise and The Eagle

I love movies, but hate the stupidity and leftwing propaganda that permeates 90% of the crap that Hollywood manufactures. So when they broadcast the 83rd Academy Awards tomorrow night, you can safely bet your last dollar that I won’t be watching.

Truth is, Hollywood irritates me even more than Barack Obama… and that’s saying something.

Last night I went to a movie called The Eagle, starring Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell, and Donald Sutherland. It takes place in 140 AD, during the Roman occupation of Britain, and I had high hopes because of the subject matter. As an amateur history buff, I love period pieces. Historical fiction – especially nautical historical fiction – is my favorite genre, and if it involves the British Isles I’m even happier.

Unfortunately, the director of The Eagle, Kevin Macdonald, took stupidity to a whole new level...

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