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Hi, I'm TarheelChocolate, and I'm a liberal. (Jeez, that sounded an awful lot like an AA meeting.)

I'm not sure why J.P. decided to allow liberal viewpoints to grace a conservative website, but I welcome the opportunity to present our side on an issue or two. I hope I piss everybody off - go ahead, comment away, I'm ready and I can take it.

This is supposed to be my autobiographical info page, so here goes:

I'm a fifty-something UAW autoworker who grew up in rural North Carolina until I ran from the abusive husband I married at age 16 because I was pregnant, eventually ending up with three daughters and a job at GM in Pontiac, Michigan, from whence the company started transferring me around the country until I finally ended up here in Reno, my seventh GM stop overall.
Whew. My whole life in one sentence.

Oh, yeah, I sing, I have a twin sister, I'm loud, people like me (even conservatives), and I'm hot. (At least that's what J.P. tells me.)

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