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Domme Yankee

Yes, I'm a dominant woman, which means I like to be the one in charge when it comes to relationships. That isn't relevant to being conservative but it's a big part of who I am and I refuse to hide it. It'll be good for people to see that a conservative can have an alternative lifestyle, so I'm laying it out there.

A friend sent me the URL for this website one day, telling me to take a look. She thought it sounded like me and she was right. This is the kind of site I was thinking of building myself. In fact, I like this place so much I started sending J.P. longer and longer comments until finally he sent me an email saying, "Hey, why don't you be a guest columnist?"

So here I am with a standing invitation to rant. And I don't have to worry about upkeep or HTML code or any of the daily housekeeping involved with maintaining a website. How neat is that?

Hopefully, the domme thing won't result in a bunch of idiots sending me sexual comments. I'm not available, guys. And this is a political website.

Oh yeah, I'm in my forties, live in Connecticut, and have a normal family, normal job, & normal life... except when I'm beating men with a stick. (Kidding.) (Mostly.)

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