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Today's big stories: February 18, 2014

JPMorgan Chase just imposed new capital controls on cash deposits. Something is going on with banks, something scary. They're becoming much more restrictive and domineering about how they handle customers' money. This is the third restriction by Chase in less than half a year—in October they banned international wire transfers and restricted cash activity for business customers. Apparently they no longer consider customers' money to be customers' money.

First U.S. bitcoin ATMs to open soon in Seattle & Austin. Forget about Chase. Take your money out of the bank and buy bitcoins—these things are obviously not going away.

Cover Oregon wins the booby prize for worst Obamacare website. Despite $305 million in federal grants to build a functional website, Cover Oregon has so far signed up zero Obamacare enrollees. Zero. We used to laugh at stories out of Soviet Russia about the inability to find shoes, or a loaf of bread, but obviously the problem was not Russians but rather the system of governance under which they labored. Now we know.

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