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Today's big stories: February 17, 2014

Lech Walesa "disillusioned" with Obama. Walesa, anti-communist crusader and former president of Poland, said Obama wasn't ready to take on the task of leading the world's most dominant superpower and feels things are so bad at this point that we need reforms at the United Nations so the world body can help fill the vacuum left by the United States' failure of leadership under Obama. That's what you call a verbal smackdown.

Interview with a former Planned Parenthood nurse. The part about representatives from the Planned Parenthood national office chanting—and trying to get local employees to join them in chanting—is especially interesting to those who see something satanic about Planned Parenthood. Creepy.

Snake-handling pastor dies after rattlesnake bite. A sad unnecessary end to a man's life. The anti-Christian crowd will use this, of course, to deny that miracles exist, to ridicule the power of the Holy Spirit, and to generally mock religious folk. WWJD? Jesus walked on stormy waters but notice: he didn't walk on stormy waters to brag about his ability to perform miracles. I'm sure Pastor Coots' original motivation wasn't showing off either, but using the Spirit to perform miracles in front of a crowd is highly dangerous, spiritually. This is not an I-told-you-so. This is a caution.

City of New York introduces new KYNG-size condom. At first glance, the condom business seems like a strange activity for city government, but think about it: with the new communist mayor, bureaucrats will be giving New Yorkers a bigger screwing so...

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