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Today's big stories: February 11, 2014

95% of climate models since 1979 over-estimated warming. Not that this is news to anyone who's been paying attention. If the models were honestly designed to represent climate by scientists with no political agenda, there would be just as many low estimates as high estimates, right? Dart throwers don't all miss the dart board on the same side... unless they're aiming for something on that side.

Obama delays Obamacare mandate again... or further. He's delayed so many features of Obamacare nobody can say for sure whether this one is another delay, a further delay, or some other kind of unilateral illegal contradiction of the original legislation. The United States of America is now ruled by imperial fiat, not the law. Every time he pulls this sort of stunt it's a slap in the face of Congress but most members of Congress are too stupid to comprehend the insult.

CBO trying to backtrack a bit on last week's Obamacare analysis. Can you say "political pressure"? Hey, a president who is willing to threaten the Supreme Court publicly in a State of the Union speech wouldn't hesitate to threaten the Congressional Budget Office.

After 500 years, Spanish citizenship for descendants of Sephardic Jews. Naturally, Muslims immediately start whining. "It seems unfair that one thing is being offered to the Jews but will not be considered for the Muslims who suffered the same fate," said a Muslim spokesman. Here's the difference, Dapple: Muslims were in Spain as conquerors and oppressors—Jews were not. Here's another difference: Jews are a law-abiding industrious asset to whatever country they inhabit—Muslims are the opposite.

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