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Today's big stories: February 7, 2014

Monthly satellite lower-troposphere temperature data. As the chart shows, there has now been no global warming—at all—for 17 years 5 months. When will the Global Warming delusion give up the ghost? Answer: when we stop electing deluded politicians and stop throwing billions of dollars at climate scientists to keep the AGW corpse on life support.

Terrorist attack involving Olympics. There's been a failed attempt to hijack a plane out of Ukraine and divet it to Sochi on the first full day of competition at the Winter Olympics. The attempt failed.

January employment numbers from Bureau of Labor Statistics. The most important statistic: 1,154,000 fewer Americans working today than 6 years ago... the natural and nauseatingly predictable result of five years of leftwing Obama-nomics.

"Sea of Japan" or "East Sea"? The correct name for a body of water on the opposite side of the world turned into a giant hullabaloo in the Virginia House of Delegates. File this under There-Is-Nothing-Politicians-Will-Not-Meddle-With. Hey, if being meddlesome is okay for state legislators, it's okay for JPAttitude, too. Look at a map: on the east is Japan, on the west is 1/5 South Korea, 1/5 North Korea, and 3/5 Russia. Clearly, "Sea of Japan" is more appropriate then "Sea of Korea" or "Sea of Russia." "East Sea" seems a convenient compromise until you look to the south and see the "East China Sea," which is similar enough to cause confusion. So, "Sea of Japan" is the best name. Simple logic.

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