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Today's big stories: February 6, 2014

British court issues summons for head of Mormon church. The Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London wants to put the church on trial for fraud. Whatever you think of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, recognize that this action is dangerous and could be fatal to religious fredom in the UK.

Study says Dutch would be better off leaving the euro. It's not so much the conclusion in general that is startling, but rather the specifics: the study estimates an advantage to the average Dutch household of more than £8,000 a year and national income growing by over £1 trillion if the Netherlands leaves the euro and the EU.

Somali Muslims riot at Minnesota caucus, force shutdown. You can lead a Muslim to democracy, but you can’t make him drink.

Obama administration clears way for 30,000 Syrian Islamists. The timing is incredible: while Somalis in Minnesota are proving beyond a shadow of a doubt the error of previous mass-asylum-granting to Muslims (see story above), let's bring in 30,000 more Muslim fanatics!

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