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Today's big stories: February 5, 2014

Kerry blatantly lies... or he's remarkably ignorant... or both. In Munich, trying to sell his Middle East peace efforts, he told guests at a conference, "Last year, not one Israeli was killed by a Palestinian from the West Bank." Except, well, there were numerous ambushes, stabbings, and dastardly cowardly attacks on both armed forces and civilans, resulting in numerous injuries and at least five deaths. Question is, why is President Obama attracted to such incompetent appointees? That Kerry is stupid and dishonest is not a new revelation, yet Obama made him the nation's representative to the world. It boggles the mind.

UN human rights committee blasts Vatican on sex abuse. Pot calling the kettle black. How many children have been raped by UN peacekeepers over the years?

New executive action on Global Warming: Obama creates “climate hubs.” As we shiver through one of the coldest winters in history, it’s good to know the president has priorities.

New IRS head apologizes for scandal Obama said doesn’t exist. Someone send the president a clue.

Reason number bazillion why Romney was the wrong choice. He's become passionate about Global Warming of all things. Just what we need, right? Another bamboozled establishment politician convinced that carbon dioxide is a pollutant destroying the planet. "If you think global warming is just in America, it’s not just America," says Romney. Not just America? Dear Mr. Romney, it's not even America. Look out your window, dummy. That white stuff is called snow.

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