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Today's big stories: February 1, 2014

India and Japan forming defense alliance to counter China. Since everybody knows they can't count on the U.S. while Obama is president, this seems like a good marriage: Japan has the money and technology, India has 1.3 billion people. If you think in terms of Chess, this is check—if you think in terms of Go, the alliance has white stones on opposite sides of the opponent.

Rejected pro-gun Super Bowl ad going viral on the Internet. Here's hoping the ad gets more exposure for free, from being rejected by the liberal weenies who run the NFL, than it would have gotten with a paid spot during the game. Poetic justice is the best kind.

Today is World Hijab Day. Show your appreciation for the hijab by walking up to a Muslim woman wearing a veil and saying, “Thank God your face is covered.” What better way to demonstrate your multicultural chops?

One day later, White House says not-so-fast on Keystone Pipeline. As predicted here yesterday. Hey, just because the State Department's environmental report says the pipeline is okay, that doesn't mean John Kerry won't find an excuse to avoid approving it. The White House says Obama and Kerry will discuss it... which is like saying the Three Stooges will talk about the Theory of Relativity.

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