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April 30, 2013 started exactly four years ago tomorrow. If you judge a website's worth by whether the number of visitors is increasing, this place is sharply consistently successful. More people visit every day. But if you judge worth by how much money a website generates for its owner—probably a more rational method—then success is elusive... to put it politely.

Luckily for me the website was never about money. The motivation for a website like JPAttitude comes from wanting to fight the good fight, from needing an outlet for the anger that seethes when I watch nincompoops like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi crapping all over the Great American Experiment, and from the thrill of watching something I created hit a nerve with readers.

My first viral column was completely unexpected: "Rooting against Duke" on April 1, 2010. Apparently there are lots of Duke lovers in the world and they were mightily offended. The offense was compounded when I posted a link to my column on a Duke fan site. I suspect Sister Toldjah will never forgive me for saying Coach K has feet of clay.

My next big hit was "Polar bear attack" on October 11, 2010, which dwarfed everything prior including the Duke (hit) piece. It was huge. When I read it today I can see why—pardon my lack of modesty but it's good writing, well referenced, and makes an important point about the Endangered Species Act, all while holding the reader's attention with an interesting sailor-vs.-polar-bear true story woven through it.

Bigger things were coming but they took a while arriving. "Obama's X-Files" finally broke the polar bear record in February of 2012, followed shortly by "Trayvon Martin: The pictures are worth a thousand words" in March and then "The three most important charts in America" in June. Three new records in a little over three months. JPAttitude was hot for a New York minute.

The latest record holder, as of a couple weeks ago, is different because it's not a column and it continues to draw attention weeks after it was posted. It's a timeline of the Democrat Party.

It was born out of frustration. Two weeks ago I wrote a radio piece titled "Perverts in politics" and while writing it (under time pressure of course because I have a problem with procrastination) I grew irritated with having to chase all over the Internet checking facts about the sordid history of the Democrat Party.

"Why doesn't someone assemble this putrid collection of factoids in one place?" I asked myself.

"Why don't you do it yourself?" I answered myself. (They say talking to yourself is okay—it's when you start answering that you have a problem.)

After the column was written, recorded at the studio, and posted to the website, I set to work making the definitive timeline of the Democrat Party. I call it "The Democrat Party Timeline of Ignominy" and people are flocking to to see it. The response has been enormous and gratifying. Apparently there was a hunger in America for information about Democrats.

Why? If I had to guess, I'd say people sense something is twisted and wrong with the people in the White House and that feeling of wrongness has them looking a little more closely at Democrats in general. They have questions about the history and goals of the Democrat Party. They're looking for answers.

The timeline has the answers. I challenge anyone, even the most hardened liberal, to read this timeline and not arrive at the same conclusion I reached years ago: this political party has no honorable choice but to end its eternal shame by ceasing to exist. This political party, which began its existence promoting slavery of black people, has now morphed into the party that promotes Marxist slavery for everyone. Nothing has changed about its fundamental nature and there is—or should be—no place for this sentiment in a free republic.

There should be no Democrat Party for the same reason the Nazi Party is outlawed in Germany: an overriding burden of past evil that can never be absolved.

    Timeline1.jpg Timeline2_1800s.jpg Timeline2_1900-1949.jpg Timeline2_1950-1999.jpg Timeline2_2000.jpg Timeline3.jpg

From Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA       

May 1, 2013 - Congrats Jim. Keep up the good work. I read every one of your columns and have listened to your radio show a few times. I appreciate all you have to say. Good Luck. – Charlie H., Michigan

April 30, 2013 - Don't ever give up. I love your columns. Our Mayor was just appointed Transportation Secy. They were raving about his "experience". Everything was accomplished under the former mayor - a Republican! Bah Humbug! – Gdebruin, Charlotte, North Carolina

April 30, 2013 - That timeline is unbelievable. A friend pointed it out to me two weeks ago (I promptly joined your email list). Reading it again today I'm shocked all over again. The last paragraph hits the nail on the head. (Loved the polar bear story by the way.) – JJ, Indiana

April 30, 2013 - JP - congratulations on your website! I am so glad I found it after doing some Internet sleuthing. I look forward to your columns, and admit feeling a bit disappointed when there is a hiatus. Your articles are factual, well written, and I love the humor thrown in there. The successful articles that get a lot of attention, may be few and far between, but it is after all what keeps one in the the fight, the game. You never know what is gonna strike a chord with someone. But I think no matter what, or I would like to believe, that people are looking for the truth. Keep up the good work! Good on you! – Pam T., Virginia
J.P. replies: Success is relative: the website's average day, even without a new column, is now better than "Rooting against Duke" three years ago... and I thought that day was thrilling and unbeatable.

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