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Obama’s background: who will you vote for Tuesday?

November 3, 2012

[J.P.'s Moment of Common Sense on Broad View, KBZZ 1270 AM and 96.1 FM in Reno. Listen live Saturdays at 2:00 PM Pacific Time.]

If you haven’t already voted, do me a favor: there’s a new page on my website dedicated to various issues, controversies, and mysteries surrounding the background of Barack Obama – browse through those issues before voting. Please. There is something deeply disturbing about the personal history of the man we elected president four years ago, and you owe it to yourself and your country to become educated.

The mainstream media pokes fun at people they call “birthers,” people who question the place of Barack Obama’s birth, but there are more issues than just that one. Lots more. The concern about Obama’s background also encompasses his unsavory personal habits, his lifelong associations with anti-American radicals, the false narratives he’s tried to pass off as factual, and the zealous efforts he makes to hide the truth about his past.

Long story short: put the stuff we don’t know alongside the stuff we do know and it’s a frightening combination.

Four years into his presidency we still don’t know his name for sure. He has at least four aliases. The guy we refer to as Barack Obama also went by Harrison J. Bounel... right up until he was elected president. Don’t ask me why. I can’t explain it, I’m just reporting it. The alternate identity was accidentally discovered by a debt collector who noticed that Harrison J. Bounel had the same address as Obama and used the same social security number. The president was raised in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro, we all know that, a name still used at Columbia University in the 1980s. He was listed on his mother’s passport records at one point as Barry Soebarkah, and some people argue the officially deceased Hawaii fugitive named Bari M. Shabazz was another alias. There might be more aliases. Who knows?

By way of comparison, how many names do you suppose George Washington used?

With all the mocking that comes from liberals when the subject of Obama’s birth certificate is raised, it’s easy to forget that two birth certificates have been released so far and both turned out to be forgeries. Don’t roll your eyes and tune me out. This isn’t wild rightwing conspiracy theory, this is fact... and you’d think it would be an important fact.

The latest birth certificate was released by the White House on April 27, 2011, with comical fanfare – as though proving his eligibility for office 2½ years after the election was a great concession on his part. It was supposed to put the issue to rest, but it didn’t. Like with the forged National Guard memos that ended Dan Rather’s career, it took digital document experts about two seconds to determine the White House birth certificate was a forgery.

It wasn’t merely a forgery, it was a clumsy, poorly done, obvious forgery. Not quite as bad as Dan Rather using a Microsoft Word font thirty years before it was invented, but close.

Don’t take my word for it. Sheriff Joe Arpaio down in Maricopa County, Arizona, assembled a team of experts and they officially declared the White House birth certificate a forgery on March 1. And if you’re not a fan of Sheriff Joe, you don’t have to take his word for it, either. In April, Obama’s own lawyer was arguing a case in New Jersey about whether the president is eligible to be on the ballot and she admitted, in court, that the White House document is a forgery and then argued that it doesn’t matter. She said Obama has a right to be on the ballot anyway... because he’s so popular and because he’s already the president.

Let’s call that the He-May-Be-Ineligible-But-He’s-Already-President-So-Fuggetaboutit argument. Sounds like one of those legal theories they invent at Harvard.

By the way, Sheriff Joe’s investigators also said the president’s Selective Service card looked fraudulent. Meanwhile, the president can’t explain – or won’t explain is probably more accurate – why he uses a Connecticut Social Security number that previously belonged to a deceased man. In case you didn’t know, the Social Security Administration does not reuse numbers when people die, so the president’s Social Security number alone should result in police knocking on his door. It might be a tough arrest with all those Secret Service guys protecting him, but hey, nobody said being a cop was easy. Send John McClane. He’ll do it.

More frightening than all the false identities and documents are the radicals who surrounded and nurtured Obama’s world view from the time he was born right up until the present. Once you take a hard look at the communists, Muslims, and terrorists who served as parents, mentors, friends, and allies throughout his life, you’ll understand why he hired so many communists to work in his administration, why his staff placed a Mao ornament on the White House Christmas tree, why he doesn’t like Israel or Great Britain, why so many Islamic radicals have been visiting the White House lately, and why his Attorney General vacated the conviction of the New Black Panthers for standing outside a polling place with a club during the 2008 election. Those are his people, don’t you see? After 20 years of being steeped in Reverend Wright’s Critical Race Theory, our president doesn’t see anything wrong with threatening white people – that’s just payback.

Look at who Barack Obama hung with and you’ll finally start comprehending who he is. It’s little wonder so much of his identity is fictional – if you knew the truth you wouldn’t vote for him and he knows it.

That's... today’s dose of common sense.

"Politics, in a sense, has always been a con game." – Joe McGinniss

"It takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen." – Homer Simpson

From Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA       

November 5, 2012 - Hi Jim, how are you? I know we haven’t spoke in years, as a matter of fact, the last time I saw you and or spoke to you as in December 2003. That has been a while. I just wanted to give my small opinion on this whole mess. I do understand this is what you do, but, with all due “RESPECT” you should not be confused by hearsay, lies, accusations, jealous remarks, stupidity, ignorance, ( I could go on and on and on, but I will stop there), of people who bash our, and I do mean our President, Mr. Barack Obama. Please don’t let this election turn into a racial political turmoil, bashing people who don’t deserve to be bashed. As the “cautious reader” from Michigan said, People, he is your President, “GET OVER IT”! No need to dig and dig, put down the shovels and pick up your spachtel, and help build America. I have a co-worker who was on leave for 3 weeks in Nebraska, and he said he could not enjoy his vacation because of the Bullshit that is going around, only because of this election. The racist remarks, the gay gestures, the “where is the birth certificate”, and so on, needs to stop here. I served in the Military for 9 years. I paid my dues to my country. I have brothers and one sister who served also, and they did their time with pride, no matter who the “Commander in Chief” was. It is time to move forward and stop pointing fingers in the hopes of ruining people’s lives. You gotta admit, Obama has done an excellent job, with the tools he started with, which means after all of Mr. Bush’s efforts to reconnect the country, Obama had to come along and reconnect the dots, and that can’t be done in 4 years. I think he is on the way to bring America to where she is supposed to be at, clear the deficit, and ensure that everybody has health care that is affordable. So, again, this is just my opinion. Not a bashing or a tongue lashing for you, it’s just “Freedom of Speech”, my opinion, nothing more, nothing less. – Herman P., Berlin, Germany
J.P. replies: Nice to hear from you, Herman, and your opinion is always welcome, but nothing I write is ever based on lies, ignorance, or any of the rest of your list. I try to document everything I say. With regard to the issue of Barack Obama's background, there are links to sources here in this column and on the web page, "Barack Obama – his background." It's your choice to ignore the links but unfair to claim they aren't there.

November 4, 2012 - To "Cautious Reader": When the man earns and deserves my respect, he'll get it. – Patti, Michigan

November 4, 2012 - GIVE US A BREAK!!! The one who thinks he is Mr. Perfect - Woe is he lest he fall , you are a sad, sad person. What we have seen from our President in the LAST four years is what counts - get out of the past and line for today. You who support the killing of thousands in an unjust WAR and the drop of a great economy!!!! – Joslyn D., Michigan
J.P. replies: It is incorrect to say I think I'm Mr. Perfect. The word "think" implies uncertainty.

November 4, 2012 - For those who have drank the Kool-Aid, nothing is going to convince them otherwise – not even if Obama, himself, came out and admitted to all of his fraud, neglect, murder and treason (Benghazi and Fast & Furious) once he’s lost the election. – Patti, Michigan

November 4, 2012 - Some thirty years ago, a reporter, while interviewing an elderly man in the days following Watergate, was surprised that this staunch Southern Democrat displayed a portrait of President Richard M. Nixon in his home. When the reporter questioned the portrait's presence, the old Southerner replied that it wasn't a picture of Nixon, just as the previous photo had not been one of Lyndon B. Johnson, the Democrat who preceded him-it was a picture of the president of the United States. AND, as long as he was alive, he would honor the office of the president of his country, one he fought for and one that men like him had died for. President Barack Obama has been called a lot of things in the four years he has held office; liar, monkey, jigaboo, sambo, and just recently Sarah Palin accused him of 'shuckin' and jivin',not a flattering term, to say the least. My point is...he is still the president of this United States, like it or not. At this point, the birth certificate, which by now, should be a dead issue, his association with whomever, is a moot point. He may be a liar (what politician isn't), and all those unflattering names he's been called, but at the end of the day...He was elected The President of these United States, by The People of the United States...Fair and square. SO, GET OVER IT!!!!! – cautious reader, Michigan
J.P. replies: We can respect the office and talk about the man in the office at the same time. We certainly talked about Nixon.

Let me ask you a question: Do you know who Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is? He was a doctor in the U.S. Army for 17 years who served combat tours in both Bosnia and Afghanistan but refused to deploy to Afghanistan a second time in April of 2010. He refused because he was ordered to bring his birth certificate when he reported and could not understand why he was required to produce a birth certificate but his commander-in-chief was not. So he refused to deploy. Based on principle. He was court martialed and sent to prison, dishonorably discharged, lost his pension, and lost his benefits. WHILE HE WAS IN PRISON, the president finally decided to produce a birth certificate. If this uncaring callous occupant of the White House had simply released a birth certificate three months earlier, an honorable man would not have been sent to prison, soldiers in a war zone would not have been deprived of a badly needed combat doctor, and America would have been spared the expense and embarrassment of a military trial. What kind of man acts like this? If Obama had a birth certificate, why not release it before the trial so Lt. Col. Terry Lakin could honorably serve as he had for 17 years?

November 3, 2012 - People have been presented with the facts regarding President Obama. The majority of his supporters simply don't care. Those who will benefit from his re-election will vote for him regardless of these facts. Honestly, it's similar with the Republicans and Romney. They are willing to overlook his questionable record as governor as long as he "plays conservative" for the election and beats Obama. Both candidates are the result of the decline of American ideals and morals. Tonight Mike Huckabee reminded us that we are one nation under God and not a nation who should be trying to get revenge on the other side. I agree. As each side prays that their candidate will win, God just might give us what we're asking for and it might be what we deserve. I'm still praying for a miracle, and looking forward to an end to election season. How's that for optimism? – Samantha, Michigan

November 3, 2012 - JP I enjoyed reading your corner. I was the best man in Mary and Gary's wedding way back in the 60's. So I assume we met back then. I keep in contact with both of them by email and telephone. I too am a conservative. I cannot understand how Obama can have such a following. Again, I enjoy your website. – Hiram L., Wisconsin
J.P. replies: I was a youngster when my sister got married but I remember you, Hi. Good to know you're visiting the site. By the way, Gary told me to ask you about the booger you left on the foxy girl's lip.

November 3, 2012 - You should be a screen writer because this stuff is crazy. I'm trying hard to not place you among the other idiots Donald Trump, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Don't make yourself look bad by falling behind this crap. Why haven't you placed this much effort in finding Romneys tax records or offshore accounts. He should be on SNL with all the lies and flip flopping. Romney is a proclaimed Mormon. How much more racist can you get.. but you don't want to bring that up. Quit trying to hide behind your disdain of our President and admit you romney is incompetent. He can't win on his own merits so you continue with this huge anti President Obama (which you should refer to him because he is your President) propaganda campaign. Wish I could be standing with you when he is elected. I'll be at the celebration with Rev. Wright and the Black Panthers!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! – Daryle M., Ohio
J.P. replies: At least with Romney we know what name to call him. You gotta admit that's handy.

November 3, 2012 - When the White House finally released his supposed birth certificate from Hawaii, I took one look at it and knew it didn't pass the sniff test. As a hobby I decided to do my family geneology many years ago. I have looked at many birth certificates, death certificates from many states including my mother's which was issued by the state department due to the fact she was born in China to American missionary parents. I can tell you that Barack Obama's doesn't contain certain things that most birth certificates have no matter where they are issued. And that is just my opinion. – Pam T., Virginia

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