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The Christmas story

December 24, 2011

[21st J.P.'s Moment of Common Sense, my weekly oratorial exposition on Broad View, KBZZ 1270 AM Reno.]

Last week I told a Christmas story, but it was my own Christmas story. A funny story about my dog. Today being Christmas Eve, I decided it was appropriate to tell the real Christmas story. With so much happening this time of year, the reason for the celebration is sometimes forgotten.

This is something I posted on my website last year on Christmas Day: The Christmas story.

[Oops. When we got to the radio station, we learned that our show was pre-empted by the San Francisco 49ers football game. So the sound track was recorded at home, not live on the air.]

"There has been only one Christmas – the rest are anniversaries." – W.J. Cameron

From Reno, Nevada, USA       

December 25, 2011 - Thanks for some good teaching. Have a Merry Christmas Anniversary! Soli Deo Gloria. - Jay, Reno

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