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Lynching complete

December 8, 2011

Herman Cain is out of the presidential race, Ginger White is a cheap whore, and Tuesday morning I called a national conservative columnist stupid.  Publicly.  What’s more, I explained in detail why he’s stupid so he would understand the situation in spite of his intellectual handicap.

Yeah, that’s right, I’m a little angry about the “suspension” of Mr. Cain’s presidential campaign.  I’m angry because of the way he was treated.  He was treated unfairly and unethically by the media, by the D.C. political establishment, and by certain so-called conservatives.  Two months ago I wrote a radio column titled “The lynching of Herman Cain” and I guess I earned my Certified Prophet license because they got him, didn’t they?  His political aspirations are swinging in the breeze along with his reputation.

Three strange women who added together couldn’t muster enough credibility to fool a kindergartner were feted on national news shows and basted continuously in the glorious juices of their fifteen minutes until poor Mr. Cain was forced to spend all day every day denying stuff that nobody could really get enough handle on to form into a coherent accusation.
Mr. Cain, are this woman’s accusations true?

WHAT accusations, for God’s sake?  Give me something specific!

Well, we don’t have specifics because she won’t speak to the media but do you deny whatever she might have accused you of fifteen years ago, which none of us knows a thing about?

That’s pretty vague but okay, YES, I deny the accusations.

Mr. Cain, what specifically do you deny?
Karen Kraushaar, Sharon Bialek, and Ginger White are the three women.  Another accuser or two were rumored to be waiting in the weeds with sharpened blades but only three have come forward to stab Mr. Cain in the back so let’s look at the CliffsNotes versions of their attacks.

Kraushaar, back in the 1990s, filed a sexual harassment claim against Cain... or the National Restaurant Association (NRA)... or both.  We don’t know for sure because they paid her to go away and there was a non-disclosure clause in the agreement.  Kraushaar’s lawyer (who isn’t really her lawyer but he used to be her lawyer back in the 1990s and recognized a chance to get on TV) kept saying she wanted to talk but couldn’t because of that non-disclosure clause, but when the NRA waived it and said, “Go ahead, talk all you want, whacko bitch,” she still wouldn’t talk about it.  Turns out she filed another sexual harassment claim against her next employer because somebody sent her an email comparing men and women to computers, so she’s clearly some sort of overly-sensitive, asexual, feminist grouch with shadings of nutjob.  Otherwise, probably a marvelous person.

Bialek is the former neighbor of David Axelrod, President Obama’s long-time political advisor.  Axelrod and Obama have a peculiar history.  They’ve managed to drum up a sex scandal against every election opponent Obama ever faced.  (Every opponent except one—that’s the election Obama lost.)  The one characteristic each of those sex scandals had was that they all turned out to be false once the election was over and Obama had won.  What a coincidence that a black presidential candidate who rocketed to the front of the Republican pack would suddenly face a sex scandal from some woman who lived in David Axelrod’s apartment building!  What are the odds?

Bialek’s story was that she met Herman Cain at an NRA function in Chicago, then was fired, so she flew to D.C. to parlay her newfound familiarity with Cain into a new job, whereupon he sexually assaulted her... although she never told her boyfriend who travelled to D.C. with her, or any of her friends, or her parents, or even the mailman who delivers her bi-monthly Ms. Magazine.

Meanwhile, the NRA has been futilely trying to tell the media for weeks that Bialek was fired long before Cain was even hired, so—gosh, here’s a surprise—everything she said was a complete lie.  She couldn’t have met him at the NRA convention before she was fired, couldn’t have gone to D.C. to plead for another job from him, and couldn’t have been in a position to be sexually assaulted.  Like all Axelrod/Obama sex scandal inventions, once the political opponent was destroyed the story fell apart.

Now you know why poor Herman kept saying, “Bile-what?  Bitelick?  I don’t even remember this woman!”

Then there’s Ginger The Whore.  Anybody who thinks that word is overly harsh needs to look at a couple dictionary definitions:
whore (noun)—a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money

cheap (adjective)—costing very little; relatively low in price; inexpensive
Now compare the definitions with Ms. White’s own words:
“One time after we had sex, I cried.  He said, ‘Maybe we shouldn’t do this for a while.’  So maybe he did have a heart—or half a heart.  But I knew I needed his financial help.

“I didn’t ask, but he did understand my situation: I was getting divorced, and I had two small kids.  He would send me extra cash and things like that.”

“When he first started, it was pretty sporadic, but the last 2 1/2 years, there was consistent financial help every month.  It was ‘Here’s something to help with this; here’s something to help with that.’  I was appreciative of that.  I said thank you, every time.  But I think every time he had sex with me, he was getting a lot more than I was getting.”
Not that anybody with a lick of sense believes a word she says but she certainly describes herself as a whore.  We can’t change the dictionary’s definition.  And cheap?  She’s received eviction notices numerous times in the last few years, was facing an eviction notice the very day she went public with her accusations, and when Daily Beast columnist Leslie Bennetts wanted to interview her she could barely afford gasoline to drive downtown for the interview.  If she did have an affair with multi-millionaire Herman Cain for thirteen years, how cheaply did she sell herself if she spent the whole time flat broke?

Never mind that those thirteen years encompass two marriages for Ms. White and a battle with Stage 4 cancer that Herman Cain nearly lost, which makes the thirteen-year affair impossible and utterly ridiculous, and never mind that she never saved a single Valentine’s Day card or a flower receipt or a hotel bill or a photo of the two of them together or even a semen-stained dress.  Never mind that.  How do you get evicted—repeatedly—while dating a multi-millionaire?  If any of her story is true, she’s either the worst girlfriend in the history of the world or the stupidest.

(Hey, Ginger: Kama Sutra, $13.57 at

Unfortunately, something worse happened to Herman Cain while he was being lynched for chasing white women.  Pundits and commentators of every persuasion, liberal and conservative and everybody in between, started calling him stupid as soon as he started catching on with Americans.  This is what really makes me angry.  I can’t help feeling there was racist motivation behind those attacks.  There’s very little doubt that Herman Cain was the most intelligent man running for president.  Herman Cain not only has a degree in mathematics, and has accomplished more with his life than all the other candidates put together, but he actually really is a rocket scientist... a cute fact that makes this whole issue of intelligence downright humorous.

If the sexual scandals were the lynching, then the attacks on Mr. Cain’s intelligence were the Ku Klux Klan literacy test to prevent his participation in the political process.  It was mostly liberals and Democrats making those attacks but I wish I could say it was only liberals and Democrats.

That’s how I ended up calling conservative columnist Rich Galen ignorant.  Last Saturday, two days after Mr. Cain dropped out of the race, Mr. Galen felt it necessary to make sure everybody understands that the black man was too stupid to be president anyway.  His column is called “Cain Can’t” (and I thought I was bad at titles) and he uses one unverifiable accusation and two supposedly ignorant statements by Cain to make his case.

The unverifiable accusation is that Herman Cain’s campaign for president was never serious but only an attempt to sell books.  There’s no evidence for that beyond Rich Galen’s twisted imagination but Cain is down and Rich is apparently one of those little weasels who piles on after the giant is slain.

Make no mistake: there is a unified corps of establishment political insiders who make their living from Washington, D.C., in its current form and they will not tolerate outsiders who threaten the existence of the putrid swamp they inhabit.  Rich Galen is one of those people and right now he’s stumping for his old boss, ultra-insider and ex-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who, now that Cain has dropped out, suddenly occupies the Republican front-runner position.  People like Herman Cain and Sarah Palin will be mocked, insulted, accused of heinous crimes so absurdly unlikely that only boobs and mindless drones could possibly believe them, and eventually hounded out of town.  One of the methods used is coordinated repetition of false claims until by repetition the American public, hypnotized by their Facebook obsessions, IPad addictions, and reality-TV indulgences, begins to accept them as truth.

First, Galen accuses Mr. Cain of not knowing that China has nuclear power.  “He didn’t know China had a nuclear capability,” he says.  Except here’s the truth: when Cain made his comment about China’s nuclear power, he was talking about military capability, not electricity generation, and the sentence in question was specifically about aircraft carriers.  “Do you view China as a potential military threat to the United States?” was the question Cain was answering.  The word-for-word quotation of Cain’s sentence about nuclear power is, “They’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capability, and they want to develop more aircraft carriers like we have.”

China has been building aircraft carriers but does not have nuclear powered aircraft carriers like we do, but intelligence sources suggest they’re on the drawing board.  Cain was correct.

See how this works?  The government/media establishment can take an intelligent, factually-correct sentence and by mind-numbing repetition make the unwanted outsider candidate seem stupid.

Then Galen tried to say that Cain didn’t know what happened in Libya and was foolish for ascribing Taliban to the conflict.  “...he didn’t understand that Tripoli is 3,000 miles from Kabul and said the Taliban was infiltrating the new Libyan government,” said Galen, trying to be snarky like a smart guy.  Cain’s sin in this case was pausing before answering a pathetically simplistic question.  He paused because the question was asked in a manner that demanded a yes or no answer when only a nuanced answer was appropriate.

“So you agreed with President Obama on Libya?” was the question.

“Could you be more specific, you dumbass?” was probably how Cain wanted to answer but he had to be polite.

As for the Taliban being in Libya, silly as that sounds at first, Cain was correct again.  Abdel-Hakim Belhaj, a man who fled Libya after a failed coup attempt in the 1990s, is now one of the rebel leaders taking power in Libya.  Between the 1990s and now, he spent his time in Afghanistan:
“Belhadj and other leaders of the LIFG fled to Afghanistan, and joined the Taliban.”—Wikipedia
Oops.  Guess who is really the stupid one, Mr. Galen... and guess who just demonstrated it to the whole world.

From Reno, Nevada, USA       

December 15, 2011 - I guess I don't understand why so many bought into the accusations against Cain. Are we just going to pick and choose what type of corruption we will accept? What about Gingrich and his extra-marital affairs? Somehow conservatives are not holding this against him. Look at our current president Barack Obama, a gangster from Chicago, the universally acknowledged cesspool for political corruption. Now Cain is coerced into dropping out of the race because of something he allegedly did years ago. Ridiculous. I watched Cain in a debate not too long ago, and he was the only candidate who thought before he opened his mouth and answered the questions. This may have led people to believe he was less intelligent, but I thought the opposite. It was refreshing! Yes, Ginrich and Romney answer the questions like polished career politicians. Is that really what we need right now? - Samantha R., Michigan

December 12, 2011 - Excellent article Jim! Cain was one of my favorites and I was very disheartened when he dropped out... if only he would have stayed the course! - Mary D., Michigan

December 8, 2011 - I was alarmed at the word "whore" until I read the dictionary definition. You're absolutely right, she describes HERSELF as a whore, so she can live with the title from this point forward... though something tells me she's incapable of shame. - Cyndi, Michigan

December 8, 2011 - I agree 100% Cain is the smartest man I have ever seen run for president so many try to accuse him of horrible things but honestly it's Gingrich and Romney we need to be looking into. Simple. - Devin, Washington

December 8, 2011 - Unfortunately for the nation, the Right side of the Punditocracy is as heavily invested in the status quo as the Left, and is sworn to preserve, protect, and defend it against any incursion by a charismatic outsider. Cain is a charismatic outsider; that makes him the enemy, who had to be discouraged from further banging on the gates of the Holy City of Washington, D.C. The treatment Cain received from the media (and from supposedly conservative commentators) has been utterly shocking. Unverified allegations of non-specific "sexual harassment," made by women of dubious credibility! An allegation of a long affair, by a woman of even more dubious credibility -- and whose claims fit poorly against Cain's and her histories! Far more credible, far more serious charges were brought against Bill Clinton, and received absolutely no respect from the press. Ultimately, what doomed Cain was his reluctance, or inability, to seize the offensive against his accusers. The attacks were weak, but Cain's ripostes were inadequate. That gave his detractors a critical edge, which they pushed to the limit: Cain's withdrawal from the race. Cain wasn't my first choice among the candidates, but to see a decent man hounded in such a fashion, using such flimsy goads, and with such glee is stomach-turning. I wish there were a way for those of us who wish him well to make it up to him. - Francis W. Porretto, Connecticut

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