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Election fraud 2010

October 30, 2010

Here’s your scary thought for Halloween tomorrow: on Tuesday, Democrats will poll ten to twenty percent higher in official election results than the legitimate number of votes cast for them.

How do I get that number? In polls, 40% of Americans consider themselves conservative or very conservative while only 20% consider themselves liberal or very liberal, yet the elected officials representing us in Washington are 60% Democrats and Socialists.

It’s been that way for at least fifty years – my entire lifetime. Somehow the liberal segment of our society is magically transformed at election time into triple their actual numbers. You can bet this will happen Tuesday, too, and it’s no big secret how it will happen…

They’ll get votes from Mickey Mouse; votes from illegal immigrants; votes from felons with no right to vote; votes from dead people; votes from mentally incapacitated people they drive to the polling place and help complete the ballot; votes from mass-produced absentee ballots filled out by assembly lines of forgers in dark back rooms; votes created out of bits and bytes by hackers who control the electronic voting machine software; votes manufactured by people who control the voting machinery; votes manufactured by people who control the recount process; votes influenced by illegal campaigning, intimidation, and outright thuggery at polling places; votes from people who vote more than once by voting in two states; and votes they miraculously find at crunch time sitting in the back seat of somebody’s car.

Then, as the final insult, they’ll subtract the votes of military personnel who didn’t get their ballots in time.

Three things you’ll never see in your lifetime: Republicans handing in fraudulent voter registrations, Republicans manufacturing fraudulent votes, or Republicans winning a close election by recount. All three are guaranteed to happen biennially, and every beneficiary is guaranteed to be a Democrat candidate.

At some point honest people, even if they are a liberals, must ask themselves why (almost) all election fraud accusations are against Democrats.

I created a web page listing the various transgressions during the 2010 election cycle, a page I intend to keep updated as more stuff is reported. To see the constantly-growing list of dirty tricks by Democrats during the 2010 election cycle, click on the voting booth to the right:

From Reno, Nevada, USA

November 1, 2010 - Republicans are such whiners. - Robin T., Virginia

October 31, 2010 - What you forgot to mention is that when Republican poll watchers go to the polling places to observe, Democrats promptly accuse them of “Suppressing the Vote!“ Stealing elections is so ingrained in the Democrats' psyche that any interference with their criminal activity is called “Suppressing.” Here is how it works: you find a word with an ominous sound like “suppressing” and use it in a tone or context that makes it sound like the person doing the poll watch is involved in a nefarious activity, “suppressing.” Usually they involve one of their complicit news agencies MSNBC, CNN, NPR or CNBC and tell them to make up a story about Republicans suppressing the vote and the news agency happily complies (truth not included). Any student of history knows that Democrats have been rigging elections and cheating for so long that by their convoluted logic they consider it to be their right. In the not so distant past Democrats used racial gerrymandering, KKK intimidation and literacy tests as a way to rig elections. Now they use illegal immigrants, felons, phony forged ballots (Acorn), Black Panther intimidation, and not sending ballots to our servicemen to undermine elections. Every time a phony ballot is submitted a legitimate voter is disenfranchised. If this is allowed to continue our elections will be as meaningless a sham as those in Venezuela or Iran. - John K., Michigan

October 31, 2010 - Jim, I have to disagree with P.Kiper's comment! I appreciate you articles, as I get enlightened and learn something with everything you write. Keep up the great work! Thanks for all you do! - Todd L., Michigan

October 31, 2010 - I am not going to say you are truely insane, nor am I going to say you are paranoid beyond belief. In fact, even though I am a liberal, I hope your guys win just to proove you wrong. But in any case I've worked as a poll watcher in Chicago (wow) for elections since 1972 and have never seen a case of real election fraud. I have seen inept and dumb judges go in to help old ladies pull switches on the old machines; I have seen people get in fights when their signatures didn't match; but I have never ever seen one of the cases you have talked about. Can I be that lucky or that blind? Remember I am in Chicago. The city that coined the slogan "Vote early vote often". I have lived in an area with heavy immigration (mostly Russian Jews) and they register to vote with their citizanship papers. I don't know about felons, we used to have coffee and cake but that was years ago. Besides which, I think that it is horribly unconstitutions to deprive a guy who has served his time of his vote. I think we should think seriously about changing that law. You say the country is conservative but people vote liberal? How about in Florida when all the Jews voted for an anti semite (Buchannan) secretly so Bush won and Gore lost? As I said, I am not going to call you names. If your guys don't win, you now have an excuse, your election was stolen. If you win, it was honest, you didn't buy it with overseas money. - Jeff F., Illinois
J.P. replies: Let's take your points in order, Jeff. First, do you really want to be in the position of saying there is no election fraud in Chicago? IN CHICAGO? I didn't think so. Second, as a poll watcher you wouldn't see the kind of fraud that wins elections for Democrats in big cities. You wouldn't know that a voter is an illegal immigrant if they are registered to vote and the signature matches, nor would you know that a name belongs to a dead person if the signature matches. Furthermore, the Democrat political machines are commandeering whole ballot boxes and pre-voting them and then turning them in at the end of the day with the real ballot boxes, and how would you know about that? (If you think that doesn't happen, you haven't listened to this teachers union official admit that he participated in exactly that scenario.) Third, if Florida Jews voted secrety for an anti-Semite, how do you know about it? And fourth, NEVER repeat something Barack Obama said because 90% of what he says is a lie. The foreign campaign contributions which he complained about a week or so ago, turn out to be mostly going to Democrats - you can read the truth here.

October 31, 2010 - Last week the liberal media all pushed the same story, ironically fed to them on the same day, that the democrats were sending 'campaign teams' to every polling place to 'uncover and stop voter fraud'. It's pure BS, as everyone knows that they are looking for ways to create situations of 'voter fraud'. Your article and info is very interesting, I fear the liberals will be up to there shenanigans on Tues. Thanks Jim! - Todd L., Michigan
J.P. replies: Another thing the liberals do is downplay the problem, with articles like this one in the NYTimes. The basis of their argument is that very few cases of election fraud are prosecuted successfully. Which is true. But the reason so few cases are prosecuted is because election fraud is almost impossible to prosecute and prove. The secret ballot is fundamental to our democracy, so you can't trace a suspected fraudulent ballot back to the voter and ask him about it. Perpetrators of election fraud merely have to stonewall and admit nothing to get off scott free. Despite their effort to downplay, call it a sign of the times and a sign of the extent of the problem that there is now a cellphone app for reporting vote fraud!

October 31, 2010 - Thank you for posting something SHORTER. I like your columns, but you tend to be a bit long-winded, dude. - P. Kiper, Georgia

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