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Kneel before your betters, peasant

May 12, 2010

On Monday, President Obama nominated Elena Kagan to replace John Paul Stevens on the U.S. Supreme Court. As you would expect from this president, the nominee is another liberal elitist weenie with a grudge against the traditions and principles of our nation and a burning itch to use the judicial system to force social change.

But that’s not the subject of this column.

In many ways she’s the female version of Barack Obama: no personal accomplishments whatsoever beyond being appointed or elected to various positions. She hasn’t practiced law, she hasn’t been a judge, she hasn’t written a damn thing that we can look at and say, “Oh, good, she has a brain.”

Last year, anticipating that he might have difficulty with this nomination because of her startling lack of credentials, Obama decided to burnish her resume by making her Solicitor General, which is the federal government’s official representative before the Supreme Court. Even for that position, her credentials were so fundamentally lacking that thirty one senators voted against the appointment. Since getting the job she’s made a fool of herself. Her first appearance before the Court, Citizens United v. FEC, was panned by observers and the Court rejected her performance. In a more recent case, she got so confused that she started asking questions of the justices, forcing Chief Justice Roberts to correct her.

“Usually, we have the questions the other way,” said the Chief Justice. No word on whether he muttered “Duh!” after saying that.

But none of that is the subject of this column, either.

The subject of this column is the monumental step toward serfdom which Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court represents for Americans. With Kagan’s ascension to the Court, our nation will have turned a symbolic corner to a future which is fundamentally different than our past… a future where we are ruled by self-important snobbish elites all of whom acquired their knowledge and opinions about the world from the same narrow intellectual confines of Cambridge, Massachusetts, or New Haven, Connecticut, two New England cities less than one hundred miles apart as the crow flies and even closer when measured by outlook and political philosophy and intellectual viewpoint.

Look at this spreadsheet:

Do you see? If Kagan joins the Court, she will replace Justice John Paul Stevens, the last remaining member of the Court who is not a graduate of Harvard or Yale. (He’s also the last remaining member of the Court who served in the military and the last Protestant Christian. 25 million veterans in the U.S. and 240 million Protestants, and they can’t find one good enough to be on the Court?) What’s more, we haven’t had a president since Ronald Reagan who wasn’t a graduate of Harvard or Yale – indeed, we’ve only had two candidates for president, Bob Dole and John McCain, who weren’t graduates of Harvard or Yale.

And they lost.

Generally, when we step into the voting booth to vote for President of the United States of America we have a choice between a graduate of Harvard or Yale and some other graduate of Harvard or Yale, and whoever wins will promptly nominate to the Supreme Court (do I really need to say it?) another graduate of Harvard or Yale.

Some of them are both. George Bush went to Yale for his bachelor’s degree and then went to Harvard for graduate school. (And still sounded like a moron when he talked. So much for intellectualism.)

Others double up. Chief Justice Roberts got his bachelors from Harvard, then got his law degree from Harvard… and was also the managing editor of the Harvard Law Review. Gee, wonder how much he understands issues in Reno, Nevada, or Kalamazoo, Michigan, eh?

I’ve written previously about the problem of elitists commandeering our political process. I’ve approached the issue from a number of different angles. First, I wrote about the Henry Gates affair and pointed out that it had nothing to do with race, but rather involved class and the fact that Obama and Gates were fellow Harvard men. Then I had a three-part series on Democracy in the United States (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), which argued that the democratic process is failing. And finally, I pointed out in “60-40” how many of the 60 votes that Democrats mustered in the U.S. Senate to pass healthcare legislation were not legitimately elected senators.

Now, with Kagan’s nomination, we are looking at two of our three branches of government being 100% controlled by the graduates of two universities… the elitist pseudo-intellectual narrow-minded nincompoops from Harvard and Yale. These are the folks who think they know better than all the rest of us, and are busy driving the nation into bankruptcy and tyranny because their noses are so high in the air they can’t see where they’re headed.

C’mon, seriously, we can’t find a University of Michigan graduate who could fill one of these slots? (We had one step in and save the nation during a crisis, I remember that. I also remember how much the elitists hated seeing Mr. Ford in the White House, and how the Ivy League intellectuals and the media tore him apart. When things got bleak and scary, and the nation absolutely required honesty and integrity in the Oval Office for a minute, Harvard and Yale apparently crapped out.)

C’mon, nobody from the University of Chicago has read the Constitution or studied economics? (Speaking of Chicago, who would you rather see handling our financial crisis, somebody like former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, who earned a master's from Harvard Business School in 1970, or somebody like Milton Friedman, who earned his master's at the University of Chicago in 1933? Which one do you think has the requisite gray matter? Yeah, I know Mr. Friedman is deceased, but still…)

C’mon, what about the millions of people who attended small universities and even smaller colleges and community colleges? Are they all second class citizens unworthy of leadership positions in Washington, D.C.? Is that really what we’ve come to? (By the way, Ronald Reagan matriculated at Eureka College, in Eureka, Illinois. Total enrollment 765. He had a photographic memory and wrote many of his own speeches and recited them without a teleprompter. Additionally, not being educated in New Haven or Cambridge, he loved his country unabashedly and unreservedly… I guess the poor schmuck just didn’t know any better.)

C’mon, isn’t it possible there are people who don’t have college degrees at all, but nevertheless possess brains and character sufficient to make good Supreme Court Justices and presidents? (Hey, didn’t I read something about a guy named Abraham Lincoln who never went to school and learned to write with a piece of charcoal on the back of a shovel?)

C’mon, are these Yalies and… uh, Harvardies? …are these arrogant bastards really doing such a great job of running things that we can’t consider other people?

Now you know why it never seems to matter who we elect to represent us in Washington. When it comes to positions that really matter, the positions that make the big decisions and actually run things, they’re all the same people. They’re from Harvard, or they’re from Yale, or they’re from both.

The rest of us can suck eggs and do what we’re told.

From Reno, Nevada, USA

May 12, 2010 - What Hogwash! We finally get a president with a brain and the ignorant cannot see or hear the truth or reality. - K.K., Berkeley CA

May 12, 2010 - Unfortunately the elite group that manages Harvard and Yale also controls the DNC (Democratic National Committee) which uses these two institutions to indoctrinate their future political puppets. I told my Goddaughter I will pay her way through college provided she does not attend Yale or Harvard. Both of which are within driving distance of me. Arrghh, I can smell the stink of these schools from my house! - LiAnne, Connecticut

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