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Guest columnist: Domme Yankee

2nd Amendment showdown

March 10, 2010

For my first public rant on a conservative website I would like to address the issue of gun rights in America.

As a single mother since the birth of my son 27 years ago, I can honestly say that owning, operating, cleaning, caring for and using guns was an important part of our life.

You see, we owned a farm. Yes, we hillbillies here on the farm actually need our guns.

And a single woman living miles away from the nearest police station is, to say the least, vulnerable. Vulnerable to the coyotes that would try to eat our puppies, cats, cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks and even us if we weren’t careful!

Vulnerable to the bears that frequented our farm. Vulnerable to the criminal elements that the police and government just can't seem to get a handle on and vulnerable to the corporations who provide food to the masses. The practices of food corporations is an issue for another day, but for now let's just say that I am happiest when living off the grid, including not being dependent upon agribusiness for my daily bread.

You are probably asking yourself, "What does owning a gun have to do with eating?" Well, a lot!

As a farm owner with a young son to raise it was important to me to teach my son where food actually comes from and what one has to do to get it on the plate!

Ready? Here it comes... don't look now. BANG!

That's right, you have to kill it. If you are a meat eater (which most people I have met are) something has to die. A lovely creature will lose its life when a steak hits the plate.

How will this creature die? Well, it could do the Ted Nugent thing and live its life out in the wild with the highest of quality until the big Bang, or it could be bred and held captive in abhorrent conditions until such time that a human deems it ready for slaughter. How will it die then? That’s up to the slaughterhouses but I guarantee the death will be just as horrific as being shot out in the wild, if not more horrific.

But in any regard I never felt better than when I owned a gun. I could hunt for my family. I could protect my family. I could sport shoot for entertainment with my family. Most importantly, I could stand up to those who would wish to do me harm. That's right, my gun was the greatest equalizer I ever owned.

At the tender age of 16 I married my husband, an avid hunter and skeet shooter. He taught me how to own a gun. How to clean it. How to use it. How to load my own shot. How to protect myself with it and how to find food with it. Basically his comment was, “If you own and can use a gun with efficiency your chances of survival are much greater than if you were unarmed.”

So to speak.

At the time of this gun schooling I thought he was just paranoid. Then I realized that the reason no one ever considered robbing our house or messing with my family was because...


That's right, when you are armed others tend to treat you with more respect. They tend to think twice before trespassing on you and yours.

Considering we live in a society where what's yours is yours but what's yours could end up someone else’s a gun is the greatest equalizer ever!

I, for one, want my gun, need my gun, and shall use my gun as the constitution of our country states I can. Including self defense.

As for those of you who say guns are evil and guns kill I need to remind you of the fact that knives in the kitchen kill, poison in the kitchen kills, heavy cast iron skillets can kill, ice picks can kill, cars can and do kill, rope can kill, piano wire can kill, hell, saran wrap used inappropriately can kill, and I don't see anyone trying to take away my right to own a car, skillet, saran wrap, ice pick or my kitchen knives.

So let's get real. Guns don’t kill by themselves. People kill people and those who want to kill don't need to own a gun. Humans can be killed with just about anything in the hands of the right person with an imagination and desire to kill.

Crap, I have known people who have killed with their bare hands! I hope I don't have to hear about a group wanting to outlaw hands because they might kill. Can you imagine the letter from the state over that one?
Dear Sir/Ma'am,

In lieu of the latest federal law banning hands because of the off chance they might kill someone please be advised that the removal of your hands has been scheduled for next Monday at your local city hall. Failure to turn in your hands may result in your imprisonment indefinitely until such time as hands are deemed safe.

Sincerely, The Whatever Department
Guns actually save more lives than they take. I find it hard to believe that we have learned nothing from the various countries where the law abiding citizens are unarmed. I read on a daily basis about the abuses against women in Sudan and other third world countries by individuals whose only goals are to rape, pillage, and steal and often wonder how much of that would be going on if these women were armed.

Armed and educated in the use of your firearm will bring you a sense of equality because now not only are your perpetrators armed and ready to harm you, you are equally armed and ready to defend yourself at any cost.

Which translates to me as our God given right to be able to defend ourselves which involves being armed as well as or better than the bad guys, whether they be ordinary citizens or government operatives.

We the People have a right to protect and feed ourselves without interference from the government until such time that we use these firearms unlawfully.

If there had been legal firearms at Columbine High School in Colorado, the outcome would have been a lot different and there would most definitely have been fewer casualties.

Remember, we will never ever be able to prevent guns from being created and manufactured. That cat is out of the bag. If guns become illegal for the average law abiding citizen, the only people with guns will be criminals and the government… and how would we defend ourselves against them?

Not to mention, how would I kill that damn pig who just got loose, rooted up all of my favorite peach trees, and won't go back into his pen so I can kill him with my bare hands!

Just saying...

From Connecticut

March 10, 2010 - LOL! Is this for real? I love it! Love the name - "Domme Yankee" - and love the idea of a pistol-packin' dominant woman living in the woods of Connecticut. And she's hot, too. Another example for your Ugly Liberal/Attractive Conservative column? - Ed, Georgia
J.P. replies: Yes, she's real, and the column Ed is talking about is this one.

March 10, 2010 - This is such an important topic. In present-day gun-controlled big cities, armed gangs ride the streets terrorizing honest citizens, and it's debateable whether the rule of law or the gangs rule our inner cities. On September 7, 1876, the most powerful and ruthless criminal gang in America rode into Northfield, Minnesota, to rob the bank and the citizens of Northfield, noticing what was happening, shot the ever-lovin' crap out of them. Jesse James and his brother escaped but their gang was destroyed simply because ordinary American citizens owned guns. The lesson of that day holds true today. Study after study shows that gun control does not reduce violent crime, in fact violent crime increases wherever private ownership of guns is banned. One such study can be read here. - J.P. Travis, Reno
Domme Yankee replies: Gun Ownership Mandatory In Kennesaw, Georgia --- Crime Rate Plummets. Facts have shown time and time again that armed societies have less dealings with criminals than unarmed societies. Case in point, Kennesaw, Georgia. There was a damn good reason our forefathers made sure that we would always have the right to bear arms. Self Defense! What else is there to say?

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