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Awkward numbers

December 1, 2009

Sometimes numbers speak for themselves, barely needing polite introduction to communicate their message. And sometimes that message is exactly the opposite of what our beloved politicians and trustworthy media sources are telling us.

For example, people (mostly liberals) love to say the Republican Party is the party of rich people and the Democrat Party is the party of working people. Is that true?

Party of the rich?

8Number of Democrats in the list of ten wealthiest members of congress. #
$513,557,218Amount spent by Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign. #
$346,666,422Amount spent by John McCain in the 2008 presidential campaign. #
$532,946,511Amount raised by Obama before election. #
$214,900,000Amount raised by Obama since the election (even though it’s not an election year... kind of disturbing, eh? What do these people think they're buying?) #
60%Percentage of Wall Street donations which have gone to Democrats for the 2010 election cycle. #
Speaking of Barack Obama:


8 & 20Trips abroad and foreign countries visited by President Obama since he took office. #
25Rounds of golf played by Obama since he took office. #
3Months that General Stanley McChrystal has been waiting for an answer to his request for more troops in Afghanistan.
120U.S. soldiers who have died in Afghanistan while Obama ponders his decision.


8% - Rate below which unemployment was promised to stay by the Obama Administration when it was lobbying for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in January of 2009. #
10.2% - Official “U-3” unemployment rate as of November 6, 2009, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. (The U-3 rate only counts people who are currently collecting unemployment benefits.) #
17.5% - Official “U-6” unemployment rate as of November 6, 2009, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. (The U-6 rate also counts people whose unemployment benefits have expired but they remain unemployed.) #
16.9% - U-6-equivalent unemployment rate in 1936, in the middle of the Great Depression. #
So much for Obama's performance as president. Hopefully he's doing better with his golf game.

Numbers are like Sodium Pentothal when it comes to lies. No matter what the issue, numbers tend to expose the truth.

Islam – wars

6Number of ongoing armed conflicts in the world causing one thousand or more deaths per year. #
5Number of those armed conflicts involving Muslim fanatics. (The only exception is the Mexican drug war.) #
Oops. So much for that "religion of peace" crap.

Of course, apologists for Islam will say that Christianity has done worse things, and point to historical problems like the Spanish Inquisition or the conflict in Northern Ireland between Catholics and Protestants.

Islam – deaths

3,000-5,000Total number of people killed by Spanish Inquisition. #
6,851People killed in just the first nine months of 2009 by Muslim terrorists.
3,181Total people killed in 36 years of conflict in Northern Ireland. #
2,995Total people killed in 9/11 attacks in about two hours by Muslim terrorists.
Swine flu has been so outrageously exxagerated that many people suspect it was a giant scam from the very beginning. The numbers are almost absurd:

Swine flu vaccine

10,000-20,000Number of predicted deaths from swine flu in Australia (where the flu season precedes ours by six months). #
185Actual number of deaths from swine flu in Australia in 2009. #
90,000-300,000Number of swine flu deaths predicted for the U.S. by the Obama administration.
1,200Number of U.S. deaths from swine flu so far. (While hilariously low compared to government predictions, even this number may be inflated because the CDC told states to stop reporting swine flu statistics in July… they were so embarrassed by the low number of fatalities that they decided to ignore their job as a clearinghouse for disease statistics. 1,200 is simply a guesstimate.)
36,000Number of people who die from regular flu in the United States each year.
Why would the governments of the world and the pharmaceutical companies cooperate in creating a giant scam?

Swine flu – follow the money

250 millionSwine flu vaccine doses purchased by the United States government for the 2009 flu season, from pharmaceutical companies who were legislatively given exemption from lawsuits and allowed to skip safety testing. #
2Number of doses of swine flu vaccine recommended in August when the pharmaceutical companies thought they could deliver hundreds of millions of doses to the U.S. market. #
1Number of doses of swine flu vaccine recommended in September as vaccine production lagged behind schedule. #
˝Number of doses of swine flu vaccine recommended now, as the U.S. faces chronic shortages of the vaccine. (Anybody want to bet they're charging the same amount for the half doses as they were charging for the full doses? Can you say "double the profit?") #
Hey, as long as we're on the subject of giant scams, Global Warming is all about numbers... and money. Every time somebody disagrees with the Global Warming whackos, they accuse the skeptic of being owned by oil companies, but guess which side is really raking in the dough:

Global Warming – follow the money

$80 billion - Amount spent by the U.S. government since 1989 in support of Global Warming theory. #
$30 billionAmount allocated to fight global warming in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. #
$126 billionWorldwide carbon trading market for 2008. #
$23 millionAmount spent by Exxon-Mobil Corp. to fund research by scientists skeptical of Global Warming theory. #

Global Warming – is it happening?

9.4° - Predicted increase in global temperature during 21st century, according to latest and greatest MIT computer model. #
-0.34° - The actual change (yes, it’s slightly negative) in global temperature over the last decade. #
Related to the Global Warming issue and their hatred for carbon emissions is the whackos' Chicken Little belly-aching about the world running out of fossil fuels. Trouble is, they've been screeching that tune for a hundred years without being correct. In fact, U.S. energy reserves keep growing.

Oil & energy

1924Year predicted by the Bureau of Mines (in 1914) that the United States would run out of oil. #
1952 - Year predicted by the Interior Department (in 1939) that the United States would run out of oil. #
1964 - Year predicted by the Interior Department (in 1951) that the United States would run out of oil. #
1989 - Year predicted by Jimmy Carter (in 1977) that the United States would run out of oil. #
134 billionCurrent Interior Department estimate of number of conventional recoverable barrels of oil in the United States… approximately 7 years worth at current consumption rates if we relied totally upon domestic oil. #
2,175 billionNumber of barrels of oil in U.S. oil shale deposits… approximately 109 years worth at current consumption rates. #
590 billionNumber of barrels of oil realizable from liquifying known coal reserves in the United States… approximately 30 years worth at current consumption rates. #
100Years worth of proven natural gas reserves at current consumption rates in the United States. #
Last but not least: healthcare legislation in the United States.

The numbers truly speak for themselves when it comes to this crucial issue, and what they are saying is, "Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama are lying through their teeth."

U.S. healthcare legislation

46 millionNumber of uninsured Americans claimed by Democrat proponents of healthcare reform legislation. #
8 millionThe actual number of involuntarily uninsured Americans. #
2-3% - Percentage of legal American citizens who are actually uninsured involuntarily. #
6% - Percentage of Canadians effectively uninsured by having no access to a primary physician because of the shortage promulgated by socialized healthcare. #
$848 billionCost of the senate’s healthcare plan over the first ten years according to Democrats. #
$2.5 trillionActual cost of the senate’s healthcare plan over it’s first ten years of full implementation. #
10Factor by which the Congressional Budget Office underestimated the costs of Medicare when it was passed in the 1960’s. #
$25 trillionActual cost of the senate’s healthcare plan over it’s first ten years if the CBO’s historic underestimate bias remains true to form. #
$3 million eachCost of the senate’s healthcare plan per uninsured person over ten years, according to the above scenario. #
$60 thousand eachApproximate cost of simply buying each of those 8 million people health insurance for ten years. #

One last disgusting number

70Number of brand new government agencies mandated by the senate’s healthcare bill. #

(Note: every number in this column has been documented unless it was calculated using simple arithmetic. Visit my sources by clicking on the pound signs.)

From Reno, Nevada, USA
November 16, 2011 - JP honestly why do you hate muslims in your article about numbers you made them seem terrible comparing the deaths in the inquisition to the deaths in 9/11 but your forgot that more than 100,000 muslims were slaughtered when christians toook jerewselem - Steve, Washington
J.P. replies: Oh goody, twin comments from the same state saying the same thing. It's like a mini-DoS attack. Here's my answer: Saladin's reputation for benevolence is the result of propaganda by Islam, which has a chronic shameful shortage of people worthy of admiration. Saladin was okay by the standards of the day, but certainly no saint. He slaughtered and beheaded prisoners like everybody else. The reason that Crusaders slaughtered in Jerusalem while Saladin did not, is simply because the Europeans conquered the place, whereas Saladin's takeover was the result of negotiation... the Europeans didn't want to be slaughtered so they paid Saladin a giant ransom to spare their lives. Doesn't sound so saintly or civilized when you put it like that, does it? What's more, most of the common soldiers couldn't afford to pay any ransom, so Saladin enslaved them. What a guy.

November 15, 2011 - JP you forgot to mention the more than 100,000 muslims slaughtered by christians when they took Jereuselem how many did we kill when we retook it ill answer that 0 - Micheal, Washington

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