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Democracy in the United States, Part 3

November 7, 2009

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Here they are again, the basic requirements of democracy:
1. Fraud-free voting
2. Honest vote counting
3. Legitimate choices
4. Educated voters with unrestricted access to information
5. A constitution preventing abuse by majority (the "republic")
Does the U.S. have “fraud-free voting” and “honest vote counting”?

Pshaw. One word says it all: ACORN.

ACORN is a grassroots criminal enterprise that attempts to register fraudulent voters before an election (Mickey Mouse, Free Willie, whatever their drug-addled minds can think of), attempts to control the vote during an election (“Hey, you guys sleeping in the alley there! We’ll give you two doughnuts, a fifth of Early Times, and a ride to the polling booth if you promise to vote for Democrats!”), and then attempts to control the vote count after election day (“Oh look, we found a box of votes for Franken in the back seat of the car. How weird.”).

Even though ACORN receives government financing and is therefore required by law to be non-partisan, it works solely for the Democrat Party. Our current president got caught red-handed funneling $800,000 to an ACORN subsidiary during last year’s presidential campaign.

In other words, it’s not just ACORN’s activities that are fraudulent—the organization’s very existence is a fraud.

I wrote a column back in May describing Christine Gregoire’s crooked 2004 victory over Dino Rossi for governor of the state of Washington. Superior Court Judge John Bridge’s ruling on the election drips with contempt for the election process in Washington as he practically begs for reform, but the process in Washington is no worse than the process elsewhere. Look at how Al Franken won the senator election in Minnesota. He not only benefited from the usual ACORN fraud before the election, he had an ACORN secretary of state in charge of the recount.

Gee, I wonder how the ACORN secretary of state ruled when charges of ACORN fraud arose. Hmm.

Franken’s victory mirrored Gregoire’s victory five years earlier—lose on Election Day, lose the machine recount, start the hand recount, let the crooks come in and start fondling the ballots, miraculously find new ballots in weird places like back seats of cars and have them all be votes for the Democrat, examine rejected ballots and "unreject" any that look like they’re votes for the Democrat, until finally the Democrat wins.

Quick, here’s a pop quiz: name a recount the Republican Party won. Anywhere. Ever.

In the 2000 presidential election, George Bush won Florida only because the U.S. Supreme Court stopped the recount. Incredibly, with unmitigated gall, Al Gore and the Democrats wanted to recount only the Democrat precincts in Florida, where they knew they could find—or manufacture—the additional votes they needed.

(Eager Florida Democrats were lined up volunteering to help recount the ballots, and offering the use of their backseats, and demonstrating sneaky ways to scrape dangling chads off with a fingernail.)

Even more incredible than Al Gore’s gall, the Florida Supreme Court thought the recount idea sounded nifty and said, “Go ahead, just count Democrat votes.” Legal scholars call that the Anything-Is-Constitutional-As-Long-As-The-Democrat-Wins ruling. Cynics call it the Here-You-Go-Mr.-Gore-Now-Don’t-Forget-I-Have-A-Brother-Who’s-A-Defense-Contractor ruling.

As for ACORN, two young journalists took a hidden camera into ACORN offices across the country this summer—dressed as a hooker and a pimp—and the United States Congress was so embarrassed by the organization’s giggly-happy encouragement of fraud and crime that on September 17 they stripped all government funding from the organization. It is now November 7. The Democrats snuck ACORN funding back into the budget two weeks ago.

Don’t sneer. They spent a whole month pretending to be virtuous, possibly a Guinness World Record for Democrats.

Obviously it’s no good arguing that fraud in U.S. elections is infrequent and quickly corrected. Election fraud is endemic, Democrat Party endorsed, taxpayer financed, and so thoroughly established in the election process that we have a president who cut his teeth as a lawyer for ACORN and just nominated an ACORN guy to be a federal appeals judge.

That should be handy for Franken when he runs for reelection. If anybody complains about the ACORN secretary of state ignoring ACORN fraud, the ACORN judge can tell them to go suck eggs. Democrats are like farmers when it comes to ACORN—there’s never too much dirt and bullshit in the field.

Next on the list of basic requirements for democracy is “legitimate choices.” This means that candidates on the ballot are somehow selected by the people, not by powerful insiders, and also means that discernible and real differences exist between the candidates.

We don’t have legitimate choices in the United States—we have Republicans and Democrats instead. All of our candidates, with few exceptions, are pretty much the same: professional politicians serving their own interests above all else. As Sarah Palin might say, a professional politician is a professional politician no matter where you put the lipstick. Republicans are just Democrats who don’t lie and cheat to get elected… which is why there are generally fewer of them in office.

Look at John McCain against Barack Obama in the presidential election—one guy wanted healthcare legislation, carbon taxes to fight global warming, international control of the American economy, censorship of free speech, and trillions of dollars of taxpayer money sent to rescue Wall Street crooks. The other guy was Obama. If you’re an American who believes in freedom, individual rights, and American exceptionalism, all you could do last November was stare at the ballot, scratch your head, and fight the urge to puke.

Two days ago we had an election in New York where the public finally said “Enough!” Conservative citizens rejected a so-called Republican congressional candidate (chosen by powerful insiders) who was so far left she would have shocked Mao Zedong. They ran a third-party candidate. The two-party establishment stood up, spit on its hands, and went to work to make sure the sheeple didn’t escape from the corral. All the money in this race—gobs of it—was spent by the Democrats and Republicans, much of it used to attack the Conservative Party candidate. The Republican ended up withdrawing and throwing her support behind the Democrat instead of the third-party conservative… and the poor bastard still almost won!

Just think what could have happened if the Republican establishment had actually believed in individual freedom and the Constitution and supported the conservative.

Okay, so we’ve failed the democracy test by running fraud-filled elections, cheating during the counting process, and not giving voters legitimate choices. What’s next?

“Educated voters with unrestricted access to information.” Do we even need to talk about this? We’re producing generations of morons with an educational system wallowing in political correctness, leftist propaganda, and financial absurdities. Nationally, we spend over ten thousand dollars per student each year, and they can’t read, can’t tell you what the Revolution was about, can’t explain why communism is evil and freedom is good, can’t make change without an electronic cash register, and never heard of Charles Martel or Winston Churchill.

Think about it: ten thousand dollars each. EACH! If somebody gave you thirty kids and three hundred thousand dollars, could you pound some readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic into their wooden heads? I damn sure could. Let's see: thirty thousand for a room with desks & books, sixty thousand for a teacher who reads and writes gooder than the kids he’s trying to teach, and ten thousand for a monkey with a big stick. (To monitor recess and lunch hour.)

That leaves two hundred thousand dollars profit for me and I didn’t have to see, smell, or listen to a single kid.

Hell, if results comparable to what public schools produce is all they want, I could save the teacher salary, let the monkey teach the class, and have two hundred sixty thousand in profit.

Just in case some of us bypass the dumbed-down educational system, learn to read, and acquire sufficient awareness to suspect we’re getting screwed, the politicians are doing their best to restrict access to information. The aforementioned John McCain’s biggest accomplishment as senator was co-authoring McCain-Feingold, which outlaws political speech by us peons during an election race. (That weird sound you hear is George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams spinning in their graves.)

The Two Parties—the ruling class—can still speak freely, but you and I? Uh uh. Against the law. Try buying time on any radio or television station during September or October of an election year and you will discover that you’ve become a second-class citizen. Only the Two Parties are allowed to say anything.

After all, you and I might say something harsh or mean. Or true.

Next up will be a stealthy attack on Internet communication, a government crackdown on talk radio, and a steady tightening of the screws on “hate speech” until we end up like Canada or the U.K., where you can go to prison for merely expressing an intellectual objection to Islam.

Okay then, what about the Constitution? At least we still have that, right?

Yes, we still have the Constitution. The Constitution has been the backbone of the United States since its beginning and the nation’s greatest strength. A democratic republic is impossible without a legal framework explicitly guaranteeing individual rights and protecting minorities from the tyranny of the majority. Communists, socialists, Democrats, and statists of all flavors were stymied for two centuries by the simple words of the United States Constitution… until now.

Now they simply ignore it. As Sonia Sotomayor, the newest fox in the henhouse, says, the court system “is where policy is made,” rather than a place where constitutionality is determined or rights protected. That’s why we have decisions like Kelo v. City of New London where government bureaucrats take homes away from American citizens so they can give their land to somebody they like better, and that’s why politicians have the temerity to propose making us buy health insurance.

Yes, we still have the Constitution. It sits in a beautiful display case in the National Archives Building in Washington, D.C., words on paper that no longer mean a thing.
United States Constituion in display case

From Reno, Nevada, USA

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