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September 30, 2009

Last Thursday, September 24, Susan Denise Atkins died in a California prison.  Atkins, a member of the Manson Family, was serving a life sentence for the murder of Sharon Tate, among others.

Two days later, in Switzerland, Sharon Tate’s husband at the time of her death, Roman Raymond Polanski, was arrested after spending 32 years on the lam from U.S. justice for raping a 13-year-old girl in the same state, California.

Doesn’t that seem like an odd coincidence?  For 32 years he outruns the law and then gets caught two days after his wife’s murderer dies?

You don’t have to be a wild-eyed conspiracy-theory nut to wonder about the odds of that happening.  It sure looks like the state of California didn’t want Polanski and Atkins occupying the same time zone or at least not the same prison system.

Don’t ask me why.  I’m just saying it’s weird.

We know the man was in and out of Switzerland for 32 years—even owned a big house there for crying out loud—and they never arrested him until now.  Suddenly a big light bulb lit up over Zurich police headquarters and a Swiss cop said, “Hey, I should arrest this guy!”

Good idea, Heidi.  Took you 32 years to think of that?

Even weirder than the timing is the stark-raving-insane defense of this guy from the usual leftwing Hollywood lowlifes.  Debra Winger, president of the Zurich Film Festival where Polanski was supposed to receive an award, is outraged at his arrest.  “We hope today this latest order will be dropped.  It is based on a three-decade-old case that is all but dead but for minor technicalities,” she said.  “We stand by and wait for his release and his next masterwork.”

Ms. Winger is known as quite the feminist in the movie industry but apparently her feminist veneer isn’t thick enough to cover 13-year-old rape victims.

Other movie industry denizens are wearing red “Free Polanski” badges in Zurich to express their sympathy for the poor guy.  There is also a petition demanding his release.

Here’s what happened: in 1977, Roman Polanski asked a little girl to do some modeling for him.  On the second day of modeling he got her alone, away from her mother.  Once alone with her, he gave her alcohol and Quaaludes, then took her to a bedroom where he raped and sodomized the helpless girl in spite of her protests.

You can read the girl’s horrifying grand jury testimony here, although I don’t advise it if you have trouble sleeping.  You can read the transcript of Polanski’s guilty plea here.

The prosecutors allowed Polanski to plead guilty to a lesser charge of sex with a minor in order to spare the girl the additional trauma of testifying in court.  So technically he’s guilty of statutory rape.  The lefties are trying to spin this as a case of a mature-looking girl and a man who didn’t know her actual age.  Whoopi Goldberg makes the most idiotic attempt at this sort of justification: when the brain-dead scrum of hostesses on The View discussed Roman Polanski’s arrest, Whoopi tried to draw a distinction between “rape-rape” and “rape.”  “I know it [his crime] wasn’t rape-rape,” she pontificated.

Okay, Whoopi, whatever.  Was it “rape-rape-rape” maybe?

Whatever kind of rape Whoopi decides on, he never served any time in prison for it.  As part of his plea deal he spent 42 days in a state facility getting a legally-required pre-sentencing psychiatric evaluation which—call me cynical—probably involved a personal chef, daily massages, and long talks with a female psychologist of his own choosing… hopefully somebody over eighteen.

Then, while the judge was busy reading the psychologist’s report and trying to decide on a sentence, Polanski ran for the safe haven of France like a scared rabbit.

The court transcript makes it clear that Polanski knew the girl’s age when he raped her:
“On March 10th, 1977, the day you had sex with the complaining witness, how old did you believe her to be?”

Polanski: “She was 13.”

“Did you understand that she was 13 on March 10th, 1977, when you had sexual intercourse with her?”

Polanski: “Yes.”
Desperate to find excuses for this creep, his defenders are trying to blame the judge, saying he planned to ignore the plea deal and sentence him to more prison and that’s what forced Polanski to flee the country.

Number one, that’s the way all plea bargains work.  All plea bargains.  The prosecutors and defense attorneys can agree all night long, and from dawn until the cows come home, but the judge decides the sentence.  Any deal defense lawyers make with prosecutors is merely a recommendation to the judge.

Again, the court transcript makes it clear that Polanski knew this:
“Mr. Polanski, who do you believe will decide what your sentence will be in this matter?”

Polanski: “The judge.”

“Who do you think will decide whether or not you will get probation?”

Polanski: “The judge.”

“Who do you think will determine whether the sentence will be a felony or a misdemeanor?”

Polanski: “The judge.”

“Do you understand that at this time, the Court has not made any decision as to what sentence you will receive?”

Polanski: “Yes.”

“Do you understand the judge has not made any decision?”

Polanski: “Yes.”
In fact, in this case, even the prosecutors had not agreed to a specific sentence recommendation.  Apparently, everybody was waiting to see what the psychologist had to say:
“Mr. Polanski, do you understand that at the time of probation and sentencing, the prosecutor may argue that you should be sentenced to state prison…?”

Polanski: “Yes.”
So much for the argument that Polanski thought he had a deal the judge was about to break.

One more argument from the loony tunes is that he’s not a danger to society and they point to the fact that he’s gone 32 years without another arrest for child rape.

(Hey, good job, dude.  32 years without raping any children?  You deserve a medal!)

Trouble is, he made his proclivities pretty clear after he fled the country and announced, by way of explanation for what happened in California, “Normal love isn’t interesting.  I assure you that it’s incredibly boring.”

Clarifying himself even further, he started having sex with 15-year-old Nastassja Kinski.  Fifteen is legally old enough in France so it’s no wonder he decided to settle there.

To make absolutely sure everybody understood his feelings on the subject of having sex with little girls, Polanski said this in an interview with novelist Martin Amis in 1979: “If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see?  But... fucking, you see, and the young girls.  Judges want to fuck young girls.  Juries want to fuck young girls.  Everyone wants to fuck young girls!”

Anybody still have doubts about the character of Roman Polanski?

At age 56 he finally settled down—again—by marrying a 23-year-old and having children with her.  I guess this is supposed to reassure us that his creepy desires are behind him but—call me cynical again—I just hope neither of his two children are girls.

The Charles Manson affair is considered one of the creepiest crime stories in American history but something weird happened over the ensuing forty years.  Susan Atkins found God, married, worked tirelessly to discourage idolization of Manson, and even saved two lives (one of them a suicide attempt), all while in prison.  She became an example of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.

Roman Polanski, not so much.

Forty years ago, when we watched the despicable and callous behavior of the Manson family during their murder trial, who could have predicted that someday we’d think more highly of Susan Atkins than we do of her victim’s husband?

From Reno, Nevada, USA

September 30, 2009 - Did you see where Woody Allen is one of the directors demanding Polanski's release? That's like being accused of racism and having Hitler defend you. - Willie J., New York

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