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Conyers, ACORN, and blackmail

June 29, 2009

Last Thursday, June 25, Representative John Conyers, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, announced that he was abandoning his probe into the shenanigans of ACORN because, “the powers that be decided against it.” [Link to story]

This investigation was Conyers’ idea in the first place, and he certainly had plenty of ammunition, so who are these “powers that be” and how do they have enough power to tell the chairman of a congressional committee to cancel hearings?

The answer lies with what happened the next day, Friday, June 26. That’s when John Conyers’ wife, Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Monica Conyers, pleaded guilty to bribery in U.S. District Court back in Detroit.

Monica Conyers was prosecuted by Department of Justice lawyers, who will of course be asked for a recommendation at her sentencing. Their recommendation will carry a lot of weight if it happens to fall on the lenient side, as prosecutor requests for leniency always do.

The Justice Department lawyers are under the executive branch of the federal government, which means that Barack Hussein Obama is their boss, and it just so happens that the ACORN stink pile John Conyers was investigating leads directly and mainly to the president, who not only relied upon ACORN for vote gathering in the presidential election, but was caught hiding a suspicious $800,000 payment to ACORN which violated FEC regulations.

Obama has ties and personal relationships with ACORN going back decades - ACORN is where he learned his “community organizing.”

Obama is even planning to use ACORN to conduct the nation’s 2010 census.

So the president just happens to be in a position to make sure John Conyers’ wife spends little or no time in federal prison, and also just happens to be in the crosshairs of Conyers’ investigation.

Quite a coincidence.

This looks like dirty politics of the worst kind. This looks like a “drop the hearings and your wife won’t have to serve prison time” blackmail threat. John Conyers isn’t the most honorable man in politics, but even if he was he could be excused for caving under pressure that involves threats to his wife.

We’ll know soon enough – watch what the Department of Justice recommends at Monica Conyers’ sentencing. If they come in lenient, we’ll know why the ACORN investigation was mysteriously dropped.

From Reno, Nevada, USA

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