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Which victims were killed by a terrorist?

June 2, 2009

On Sunday, Dr. George Tiller, 67 years old, was murdered in his church in Wichita, Kansas.

Dr. Tiller was a father and a husband and obviously a dedicated church-goer. He was admired by many people for his stubborn support for abortion rights and his willingness to provide those abortions even past the point where the babies being killed were viable human lives.

"Post-viability" is the snappy medical terminology used to describe those babies at abortion clinics.

We don't know whether Dr. Tiller felt moral misgivings about the thousands of abortions he performed, or whether he worried about his immortal soul, or ever pondered whose life he might have ended before it glorified the world with great inventions or inspiring heroism.

I'm guessing that he did worry about those things, a guess which is based upon his church attendance and my desire to give a dead man unable to defend himself the benefit of the doubt.

But the facts also point to another side to this story: Dr. Tiller made a lot of money performing these late-term abortions. He specialized in late-term abortions and it is estimated that he performed upward of 80,000 of them—at $5,000 each. If we do the math on that, Dr. Tiller earned himself something in the vicinity of 400 million dollars killing unwanted babies—serious money in anybody's book. Serious enough to give him the kind of personal fortune that led to big political contributions to Kansas politicians. Serious enough to cast some doubt about the motivation behind Dr. Tiller's abortion practice.

Maybe it wasn't all about concern for women's health?

Meanwhile, as the media did front page backflips over that story trying to turn Dr. Tiller into a martyr, and President Obama made a special point of condemning the pro-life movement for somehow causing the murder with its bad attitude, there was another murder one day later.

On Monday, less than 500 miles to the southeast, in West Little Rock, Arkansas, 23-year-old William Long was gunned down by a Muslim terrorist in front of his hometown Army recruiting office. William Long was a young man with his whole life ahead of him, who had decided to serve his country. He was freshly out of basic training and simply visiting the recruiting office to help out while he was in town.

The man who killed him is an American citizen named Carlos Bledsoe who had changed his name to Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad after being recruited by Muslim jihadists.

For some reason this murder has not been judged worthy of the same front-page coverage as Dr. Tiller's murder. For some reason President Obama did not see fit to even mention this murder, despite the fact that he is Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces.

Dr. Tiller, 80,000 babies, William Long... which were victims of terrorism?

From Reno, Nevada, USA

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