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Gregoire and the 2004 Washington election

May 21, 2009

Somebody sent me an email asking why Christine Gregoire, governor of the state of Washington, is on my list of crooked Democrats. Can you imagine my shock at learning that somebody out there actually reads my website?

My reply was succinct: "The 2004 election was a crooked election and she accepted her crooked victory. That makes her a crook."

The emailer came right back with, "But that election was taken to court by the Republican and the judge ruled that the election was fair and Gregoire was the winner."

No, that was not the judge's decision. I've read the judge's decision. I'm sick of arguing with willfully ignorant, head-in-the-sand liberals who will not concede the obvious: Democrats cheat when it comes to elections and they cheat especially hard when there is a close election with a recount. That's why they always win those recounts. Always.

(This is a pertinent issue right now because the Democrats are cheating their way to victory in the Minnesota senate race as I write this.)

Yes, Judge John Bridges, on June 6, 2005, did rule against the Republican in the 2004 Washington governor election, leading to the certification of Gregoire as the winner, but his ruling simply stated that the Republican could not prove that the various and sundry illegal votes were cast for Gregoire. That's the big problem with having secret ballots.

Therefore, the judge had no way of correcting the vote totals, and was unwilling to declare the whole election null and void. That's the way it always goes—Democrat precincts are caught committing all kinds of sins but it's impossible to prove exactly how those sins affected the election, so the judicial system is forced to throw up its hands and say, "It stinks, we know it, we can smell the election fraud from here, but there's nothing we can do."

(Unless it's a Democrat judge. In that case, the judge will say, "Keep counting until the Democrat wins," which is pretty much what happens anyway so it's irrelevant.)

"It stinks," is pretty much what Judge Bridges said in his ruling if you read between the lines. His disgust for the way the election was run could not be disguised by the polite legalese he used in his ruling:

"I have been asked in closing argument to send a message. I'm going to decline that invitation. This Court is not in a position to fix the deficiencies in the election process that we heard about in this courtroom over the past nine days. However, the voters of this state are in a position to demand of their executive and legislative bodies that remedial measures be instituted immediately. And clearly, the evidence here suggests that the problems require more than just constructing new buildings and hiring more staff." [emphasis mine]
After writing those words, he went out of his way to list the various election irregularities and then explained why he was forced to rule against the Republican. Instead of pointing at the ruling with pride, trying to excuse Christine Gregoire, liberals, if they had a conscience, would read the ruling and wallow in shame.

You can read the judge's written ruling in its entirety if you want but let me summarize here the irregularities listed by the judge so this column can serve as a handy reference in the future.

Irregularities cited by Judge Bridges in his ruling:

1.    754 felons voted illegally, mostly in precincts won by Gregoire
2.   6 individuals in Pierce County voted despite being excluded by mental incompetence
3.    19 ballots were cast in the name of deceased persons
4.   King County counted 875 absentee votes in excess of the absentee ballots received
5.    190 more votes were counted in Clark County than voters credited with voting
6.    14 more votes were counted in Kittitas County than voters credited with voting
7.    77 more votes were counted in Spokane County than voters credited with voting
8.    20 more votes were counted in Island County than voters credited with voting
9.    45 more ballots were cast in Stevens County than voters credited with voting
10.  45 more ballots were counted in Cowlitz County than voters credited with voting
11.  14 more ballots were counted in Adams County than voters credited with voting
12.  135 ballots were cast in Pierce County in excess of the number of voters who voted
13.  6 individuals cast more than one ballot in the election
14.  Provisional voters sometimes put their ballots directly into the tabulating machines
15.  At least 11 county election officials allowed misfed provisional ballots to be counted
16.  77 provisional ballots were improperly cast in Pierce County
17.  348 provisional ballots were improperly cast in King County
18.  437 provisional ballots were cast in King County without labels
19.  96 absentee ballots were found in King County uncounted
20.  64 absentee ballots were found in Pierce County uncounted
21.  8 absentee ballots were found in Spokane County uncounted

Examine the above list, count up the number of shady votes, and then ponder the fact that Gregoire, who lost the original count by 261 votes and lost the mandatory machine recount by 42 votes, finally won the hand recount—which was requested by the Democrat Party—by 129 votes.

Unsurprisingly, once Democrats got their grubby little paws on the actual ballots they managed to produce a 129-vote victory and, naturally, that's when the Democrat bureaucrats in charge of Washington's election system decided to stop counting and declare a winner. Go figure.

Over three thousand suspicious ballots in the judge's list and by golly that's all it took for the Democrats to eke out a 129-vote victory! I wonder if Hugo Chavez was in town taking notes.

After reading this, I'm guessing you are starting to smell the stench coming out of the state of Washington, no matter where you live, no matter who you are, and no matter what political party you prefer. And you definitely know why Gregoire is listed as a crooked Democrat on this website.

From Reno, Nevada, USA

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