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November 5, 2008

It’s very depressing to ponder this choice for president.  When I think of the men who suffered frostbite and doubt at Valley Forge and the bravery of the Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence, I want to cry.  Did those men fight and die so we could trade one despot for another?  Trade a monarch for an oppressive government?

What’s the difference between kneeling to a king and kneeling to the collective?  Either way your knees get sore.

I get even gloomier when I think about Murtha winning reelection in Pennsylvania.  Here’s a guy who bargained with Arabs for a bribe in Abscam, viciously slandered a group of American soldiers fighting in Iraq, refused to apologize when he was proven wrong, and then called his own constituents racists.  Who would vote for such a scumbag?  Idiots?  It seems like being elected as a Democrat now earns you lifetime tenure no matter how you behave.

To be fair, it appears that Republicans may have re-elected Stevens in Alaska, which should make conservatives everywhere feel ashamed.  Whether he’s actually dirty or just a guy who got railroaded by Democrats using the judicial system to criminalize political differences, his main claim to fame is bringing home federal bacon and that’s shameful.

Myself, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for McCain.  Whatever he is like personally, he doesn’t seem to have any principles whatsoever.  As I waited in line to vote, I asked myself how I can ever expect politicians to have principles if I don’t have principles in the voting booth... so I voted for Barr, the Libertarian.

The only positive note I can find: I’m guessing Obama won’t be very effective in the long run.  The man has never had a full-time job where he had to show up every day so he’s going to be in physical shock at the demands of being president.  Add to his deep-seated laziness his complete lack of interpersonal political skills and I can easily imagine him alienating his fellow Democrats in congress, world leaders on both the left and right, his various leftwing support groups, and even his cohorts in the White House staff and cabinet.

Meanwhile, here in Nevada my own congressman, Dean Heller, was locked in a very tight battle with a Democrat challenger until he voted no on the bailout both times, whereupon he became a Nevada hero and trounced his challenger decisively.  I hope the rest of those stupid Republicans take note but something tells me they won’t learn a thing from this.

Nevada turned its state legislature over to the Democrats but voted conservative on every single ballot issue, from changing the state constitution to protect property rights to defeating all the various tax increases.  So Americans continue to show that they are basically conservative but continue to elect socialist representatives.  It’s depressing.  It reminds me of Charlie Brown letting Lucy hold that football for him every year.

Writing from the depths of despair, this is J.P. in Reno, Nevada, United Socialist States of America.

From Reno, Nevada, USA

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